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Thursday, April 19, 2018

SMS communications for Schools

Struggles of Parents in keeping a check on their children   Parents have often been facing challenges in keeping up with their children’s academic and co-curricular updates due to their busy schedules, ending up getting worried about their children. Often due to this they might end up missing crucial details, deadlines resulting in defaults causing inconvenience to them as well as their children.   Worries of whether their children reached school safely, or is their fees paid in time often disturb the parents who are already preoccupied with other things. They are often caught up with the pressure to avoid defaults in fees payments. Another thing which is crucial for parents is to attend all the Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) from time to time. Even a small slip off from their mind could be problematic for them. Everyday checking the school diaries if their have got some homeworks, assignments of remarks could be very tiring at times. And to keep updated with all the mentioned tasks require the parents to be hands-on all the times. This might be very hectic at times for the parents especially when they are already caught up with busy schedules.   Technology helping Parents in keeping updated with children’s activities   To make this ...