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SMS Marketing

Friday, April 13, 2018

SMS Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Do Do Keep your SMS Content Short Whether you’re sending a booking reminder, delivery confirmation or a seasonal offer, remember to keep it short and crisp. You could also use Textlocal Attachments to attach files and create a small, succinct message to convey more in just 160 characters. Do Include a Clear Call to Action SMS messages are short. Just 160 characters long. One of the best ways to craft an effective message is to use the “5 W’s and one H” of journalism – Who, What, Where, When, Why & How. The last W (Why) and the H (How) are the best foundation for your call-to-action (CTA). You’re actually telling customers what to do after they read your SMS marketing message. Example: WHY – to get your coupon; HOW – by texting the keyword to a short code. Do Give Customers the Opportunity to Opt-Out Customers may have given consent to receive marketing communications before, but sometimes they change their mind. Act responsibly and give them an option to opt out at the end of the text. It benefits your business too, so you’re not wasting money targeting a cold prospect. Keep your mobile list warm and you’ll see better results. Do Track your SMS Campaign ...

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BusinessSMS Marketing

Thursday, April 19, 2018

SMS communications for Schools

Struggles of Parents in keeping a check on their children   Parents have often been facing challenges in keeping up with their children’s academic and co-curricular updates due to their busy schedules, ending up getting worried about their children. Often due to this they might end up missing crucial details, deadlines resulting in defaults causing inconvenience to them as well as their children.   Worries of whether their children reached school safely, or is their fees paid in time often disturb the parents who are already preoccupied with other things. They are often caught up with the pressure to avoid defaults in fees payments. Another thing which is crucial for parents is to attend all the Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) from time to time. Even a small slip off from their mind could be problematic for them. Everyday checking the school diaries if their have got some homeworks, assignments of remarks could be very tiring at times. And to keep updated with all the mentioned tasks require the parents to be hands-on all the times. This might be very hectic at times for the parents especially when they are already caught up with busy schedules.   Technology helping Parents in keeping updated with children’s activities   To make this ...

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Friday, April 20, 2018

10 Tips To Enhance Your Lead Generation Call With Telemarketing?

Thinking of conducting a lead generation and appointment setting campaign? Then you should take into consideration having telemarketing as your channel. Sure, it may be true that there are other methods to gain prospects, but there are also other reasons why you should work with professional telemarketers. Think about it, when it comes to reaching out to prospects, as well as generating sales leads, you will know that telemarketing is the best choice. And it is not a problem even if you cannot hire your own people. You can actually outsource the work to a competent lead generation company. The key here is ensuring that what they say will help make your appointment setting campaign a success. 1.Make a plan – that is an important task, since a good telemarketing call is made by studying the market a prospects serves, as well as their needs. That will help you make a better sales offer.   2.Think like you are meeting them in person – before you make the call, smile. This will show in your voice, as well as the way you interact with them. Prospects respond better with that.   3.Offer something they cannot refuse – when you offer them something really good at the start, prospects tends to ...